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New XLA-T heaters

New radiant heater for industrial and public buildings measuring up to 6m in height


❚ Despite their unequalled performance, ceramic radiant heaters are only seldom used in low-rise buildings, as the number of heating sources necessary to create uniform comfort conditions increases the investment level significantly.

❚ With its new range of XLA-T heaters, SBM guarantees in low-rise buildings the best compromise between performance and investment. The heating investment is reduced by 20 to 30%, while maintaining optimum comfort.

❚ Thanks to their unique design with double ceramic emitters, XLA-T heaters optimize the distribution of the comfort in the building.

❚ Returns on investment are accelerated, thus offering immediate solutions for controlling energy consumption and reducing heating budgets.

XLA-TXLA-TXLA-Tface radiant XLA-T
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  • XLA-T
  • XLA-T
  • face radiant XLA-T
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