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12 sizes of gas ceramic brooders from 450 to 14.000 W

Benefits :

The most performing heating system for Poultry and livestock is achieved by combining the unique properties of the ceramic material together with a fully-automatic control.

❚ Optimum animal performance

❚ Maximum heat at floor level

❚ Floor kept comfortable

❚ Easier management

❚ Extended equipment lifetime

NEW: metal filter on XLA / XLS brooders (• Extended lifetime • Very easy to clean • Several weeks without servicing under normal operating conditions). Get more information


❚ Because of its high emission efficiency, ceramic is the best material for transforming gas energy into infrared heat rays (30 % more efficient than metal).

Ceramic has a very high thermal inertia, thus preventing sudden temperature fluctuations at animal level.

Ceramic is corrosionless, therefore its lifetime is infinite, even in the rough environment of poultry and livestock buildings.

Gas brooders :

SINGLE brooders capacity (Watt)
SINGLE brooders range
1 FS 450
2 FA/FS 900
3 FA/FS 1 300
6 FA/FS 3 000
8 FA/FS 3 500
12 FA/FS 5 250
16 FA/FS 7 000
DOUBLE brooders Capacity (Watt)
DOUBLE brooders range
212 FA/FS 10 500
216 FS 14 000
212 XLA/XLS 10 500
216 XLA/XLS 14 000

Fully-automatic control :

Depending on the animals comfort needs, SBM automatic systems with ceramic brooders ensure :

❚ automatic ignition of the brooders

❚ control of the brooders heat output

❚ complete shut-off of the brooders

A typical poultry/livestock building can be easily controlled with one or two independent zones.
Each zone is equipped with one SUNMASTER and its black sensor.
SBM automatic brooders are compatible with all leading brands of environment computers.

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