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Poultry heating

Choice of comfort temperature for every bird :

❚ A proper poultry heating system must give to every bird a choice of comfort temperature.
❚ This will guarantee a quick start for your flock, leading to optimum bird performance.

Brooding technique :

❚ A quality poultry heating system must adapt to the brooding technique, not the other way around.
❚ Whichever brooding technique you select, there is always one SBM ceramic gas brooder to fulfill your heating needs.

Total floor heating :

❚ Most recent developments, especially in commercial broiler houses, require heating of the total floor area from one central line of infrared heaters.
❚ This technical challenge can only be met with the unique design of high capacity "double" ceramic gas brooders. They will provide in your house wall-to-wall coverage with infrared heat rays.

Benefits : less gas brooders per house, reduced installation cost, easier maintenance.

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