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Pigs heating

In more than 65 countries : thousands of farrowing, nursery, grower-finisher, wean-to-finish references.
SBM ceramic brooders are also particularly suitable for the "wean-to-finish" buildings.


Farrowing : gas ceramic brooders

❚ In a farrowing crate, the heated zone must attract the baby pigs after each nursing.
❚ The mortality caused by crushing is reduced. The sow lactation is optimal.

Heating for sow with its piglets

Nursery, wean-to-finish : gas ceramic brooders

❚ In a nursery or wean-to-finish pen, the heated zone must attract the pigs towards a resting zone after each activity (feeding, drinking, dunging).
❚ The pigs are cleaner, their growth is faster and more uniform.

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