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Environmental friendliness

By concentrating the energy where it is needed, ceramic heating reduces annual heating budgets by up to 50%. It also decreases by the same percentage greenhouse gas emissions.

SBM ceramic heating

“ The less polluting energy is the one which is not consumed.“

1 kWh saved = 230 g less CO² in the atmosphere

The environmental profile of SBM ceramic heaters is positive throughout their whole life-cycle :

❚ Manufacturing from recyclable raw materials : stainless steel, brass, ceramic.

❚ Savings of raw materials : a 30 kW heater only weighs 12 kg, meaning an energy efficiency of 0,4 kg per kW.

❚ Logistics optimized : a heating capacity of 340 kW can be held in a volume of 1 m3 , therefore reducing the impact of transport on the environment.

❚ Reduced operating energy : a ceramic heater operates without any mechanical part moving. The only electrical consumption occurs during the 45-second ignition cycle (0,3 Wh per heater).

❚ Lifetime of heaters longer than 20 years under normal operating conditions.

ceramic of an infrared heater
  • ceramic of an infrared heater
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